How to Help Your Bed Partner Stop Snoring

Help your bed partner their snoring problem or sleep apnea

Undoubtedly, you’ve tried just about everything to get your bed partner to stop snoring: covered their mouth, rolled them over, or put strips on their nose. But, the reality is you’re still tired and frustrated. That’s not surprising, since the bed partner of a snorer loses, on average, at least 1 hour of sleep every night.1 And because your sleep is interrupted so frequently, it isn’t deep and restful.

Maybe you’ve even resorted to sleeping in separate rooms. According to one survey we conducted with snoring specialists, more than 30% of couples come to them for help because they’re tired of sleeping apart.2

It’s time to make a change – for the better. Here are some tools that can help you talk to your bed partner about his or her snoring, and see if the Pillar Procedure could provide the relief you both want:

  • Snore-O-Gram – This is a fun interactive postcard we developed so you can let your partner know – in a good-humored way – how loud they are and that you’d like them to do something about it.
  • How to Talk to Your Bed Partner About Snoring – This report explains the stages of feelings most snorers go through and what you can do at each stage. It also has information about the Pillar Procedure, in which soft implants are inserted in the snorer’s soft palate to reduce the vibrations that cause snoring.
  • Snore Score Quiz – Request this quiz to find out if your bed partner’s loud snoring is a harmless annoyance or a potential health hazard.
  • Sleepiness Scale Quiz – Ask for this quiz to measure how snoring problems may be affecting your bed partner’s sleep and everyday activities.
  • Download a Clinical Overview of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea studies. (PDF, 868 KB)
  • Download our comparison chart that outlines the differences between the Pillar Procedure and other snoring treatments. (PDF, 192 KB)
  • Patient Stories – Hear from other bed partners whose lives and relationships have been significantly improved by the Pillar Procedure.